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17th Century Transitional Rapier £2200

What we have here is a rare ambidextrous English or Dutch transitional rapier. If you've been following me you'll know I have a lot of affection for these and this is the third I've found in as many years.

Spanning the short period in the 17th century where the rapier became the smallsword these were the weapon of choice for the fencer with style.

With a long grip, lattice pommel (which has been suggested could point towards Scottish origins) and large terminals for fingering the guard and a small pointed oval guard this piece is as delicate as it is immense, the blade measuring nearly 1m long.

Much like my other cup hilt transitional rapier this bears a cut steel face on the guard.

On the blade there is what may be the remains of engraving but it is rather worn.

This piece can be yours for £2200 or best offer.


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