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17th Cent Transitional Smallsword £750

An absolutely stunning piece that marks the midway point between the rapier and the smallsword, this piece bearing hallmarks of both. These swords tend to date to between the 1630's and the 1680's with this example likely being more towards the latter end of the scale. Whilst tending towards the right hand this sword could also be feasibly ambidextrous with the canted quillons and the larger of the two clamshell guards indexing to the outside of the hands.

The outstanding feature of this already outstanding smallsword is the talismanic inlay on the blade, these talismans are good luck charms or prayers that are often repeated across many blades and whilst typically eastern they were found in many cultures weapons. This sword has light salt and pepper pitting and a nice even patina. The grip is exceptional and in perfect condition. This piece can be yours for £775 or best offer!

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