The follower poll decided that today's post, the 9th day of Swordvent shall be Germany and it's Allies!

We have a great variety going up on the site today with an 18th century German sidearm with a unit mark, a rather nice condition Bavarian 1858, a relic condition Germanic hand axe from the 15th-16th century (perhaps earlier but it that's the case lucky buyer!), a late 19th century courtiers sword, an Austrian Werndl Rifle and lastly a price reduction on my rare Bavarian c1810 cavalry sabre.

I am a huge fan of the German states as military forces as half the time they are fighting each other and the other half of the time they are allies. Bavaria is a particular favourite of mine as they have great weapons development and fought on both sides of the Napoleonic conflicts which is really reflected in their equipment.